Lana Del Rey: Shades of cool music video

10/10 is what I would rate Lana Del Rey’s new music video; Shades of cool, from her latest album Ultraviolence.

Since I am already a maaaaasive Lana Del Rey fan, you could say I’m biased, but honestly theres nothing I don’t love about her new video and song.Lana-Del-Rey-Shades-Of-cool-1024×589

Firstly the music. Lana always writes the most captivating lyrics, that paint a picture of her dreamy vintage world and Shades of cool is no exception with her describing a man perhaps once in her life, who had an unbreakable heart.

The song is so alluring and dreamy, I was honestly hooked the second time I heard it and have had it on repeat since! It has a similar sound to the James Bond films, and the style of music used, e.g. Adele’s Skyfall which was used for the latest Bond film.

The music video is fabulous. Tinted vintage styled footage is used (like in many of her videos). The end of the video stands out in particular, while the electric guitar is playing Lana dances wildly in the living room of a very 60’s/early 70’s-esque home. The whole scene is so cool, from her vintage short printed dress, her wavy hair and her dark eyes and pale lipped makeup. Overall Lana is just so effortlessly cool and really nothing else needs to be said.


lana-del-rey-shades-of-cool_7578879-54820_1280x720 lana-del-rey-shades-of-cool-video-750x0 6-LANA_DEL_REY_SHADES_OF_COOL

lana29 lana-del-rey-in-shades-of-cool-music-video