Thoughts on The wolf of Wall Street film

I had waited forever to see this film and when I finally did I walked out of the movie theatre feeling a strange sense of shock, disgust and intrigue from this very unique film. I terms of reviewing the film I personally wouldn’t give it a 10/10, and in fact I’m still not entirely sure what I would rate it, but If you can look past the films constant use of swearing and adult rated scenes, I would still recommend watching it!

I had seen the trailer many times and like many trailers this film again in my opinion was completely over hyped. My friend and I who saw the film together both agreed that many scenes in the film were drawn out and should have been cut down. There was many argument scenes in the film also which perhaps could have been cut out- but I do understand they added to the drama and feeling of the film overall which serves to showcase the toxic and excessive lives of these men working on Wall Street.

Like many films that are based on true stories or events I became very interested in the real people the film was based on and obsessively stalked them, reading multiple articles and watched videos on Jordan Belfort the main man behind the film and his co-workers. I discovered that the whole story- Jordan Belfort, Stratton Oakmont – the real life company that swindled millions of dollars in it’s pump and dump methods, Danny Porush- The man that the character Donny is based on and everyone and everything involved was rather complex to analyse because so much controversy, mystery and conflicting stories occurred within these peoples lives. But what I really took away after digesting all this information was how excessive money corrupts those who are emotionally immature. The morals behind the film itself was bought into question. After learning that money corrupted the Stratton Oakmont men who were directly responsible for swindling millions of dollars it was clear not only they were affected, but the web of countless people and companies were associated with them, were too affected by the many evil wrong-doings.

One upsetting article I read was about Nancy Porush- now the ex wife of Danny Porush- who in the movie was the character of Donny (Jordan Belfort’s best friend) at the time. Reading her story about how her life spirled out of control with her husband Danny’s involvement with Stratton Oakmont and how he ultimately was corrupted by money and greed was truly sad. Then to discover that while treating her and their children to a luxurious lifestyle he was having an affair on the side. When Danny along with the other Stratton Oakmont men finally got in trouble, Nancy and Danny did eventually divorce and she lost everything. Today while Nancy (although now happy with her life) works hard like most regular people to earn an income, Danny who only served 39 months in prison now lives in Florida in a multi million dollar home and still seems to be living the high life.

Overall I do believe that the film should have been made because it does reveal how insane these men became with their frat-house lifestyle consumed with money, sex and drugs. Although It must be hard for all those affected by the real life events to re-live these troublesome times, audiences should always be aware that this isn’t just a ‘movie’ but is a real story that happened to real people and ultimately ruined many people’s lives, their relationships and their families which makes it all the more serious.

These links below are some of the most interesting articles and videos I found on the real life of Jordan Belfort and his co-workers: